Crumbling Historic Black Church to get New Look

21 01 2013

From WCSC Live 5 News – 20 Jan 2013
by Corey Davis

Rotted wood, holes in the wall and on the verge of collapse. The United Missionary Chapel in downtown Charleston sits empty in DeReef Park on Morris Street. Once a prominent structure in the black community, it will soon get a makeover.

“Its going to crumble unfortunately,” said Dana Campbell, member of Friends of DeReef Park.

The City of Charleston plans to renovate the church and members of the organization, Friends of DeReef Park are there to make sure its done correctly.

“Saving it as park would be the ultimate goal but in the meantime if its too late, if we could somehow preserve the chapel. That’s what I would like to do,” said Campbell.

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Neighborhood History

20 11 2012

For those of you wanting to learn more about the history of our neighborhood, check out the pamphlets produced by the Preservation Society for our Neighborhood Revival back in September 2012.

Dereef Park Revival PDF

Another Park at Risk?

14 11 2012

A recent Letter to the Editor of the Post and Courier

Stop Neglecting Brittlebank Park

Maybe if a cruise ship were parked in front of Brittlebank Park, the park would not be in such deplorable condition. Don’t believe me? Take a stroll through the park.

This is a prime example of how the mayor and City Council rate tourism over livability for peninsula residents.

Buckling pathways everywhere, litter, paths covered with soil and weeds, encroachment by parking of the police department, S.C. employment office, Marriott and kayak trailers.

Is this any way to reward the people of Charleston who preserved its dwellings and whose way of life has made the city the “best travel destiation of the world”?

Read the entire letter on the Post & Courier’s site