Mommy, what are they doing to our park?

25 06 2012

Private Property

My three year old daughter asked “Mommy, what are they doing to our park?

“They are taking it down”, I replied.

But why, Mommy

“They are going to put up some new houses.”

But why, where will the children go to play?

“They will have to go to another park”

But how will we get there? Can Grandpa walk with us there?

“I’m not sure honey. We will need to see.”

But where will all the dogs go to play?

“I’m not sure dear.”

But Mommy, why would they take the park down?

At this point, I’m at a loss for words. Do I tell her that the city cares more about developers than it does about quality of life. Do I tell her that if we lived in a different zip code, then we wouldn’t need to worry about our parks being taken down? Do I tell her it is all about money?

I pause and decide to tell her it is nap time, but she gets out one more question… “Mommy, what are you going to do?

The play ground equipment in Dereef Park has been removed and a Private Property sign has been posted. As my husband stated, “We knew this day would come.” However similar to the death of an ailing elderly loved one, knowing doesn’t make it any easier. What does this mean for our neighborhood? Do we just throw up our hands and say oh well. I hope not. I hope this makes us pay more attention to things going on in our neighborhood. I hope it makes us support our local businesses and monitor the addition of new businesses. I hope it makes us go to neighborhood meetings and I hope it makes us tell our council members what we want for our neighborhoods. As far as what I’m going to do, I’m going to keep fighting and I’m going to keep showing up to meetings. I hope you will support me and the efforts of Friends of Dereef Park because if not you, then who?

If you have enjoyed Dereef Park over the last fifteen years, please post a picture and add a comment to this post.




2 responses

25 06 2012

I hate to see the park go. It won’t be just a loss for our community but the whole city. The removal of the park despite the communities wish that it remain just reinforces to me how little city officials care about the “other” side of town. Our quality of life and neigborhood is less important then the all mighty dollar.

26 06 2012

The park has been a dilapidated property and a dangerous eye sore for years after it was sold many years ago. From looking at the plans the neighborhood will end up with a new, revitalized, albeit much smaller park. Short of a total rehabilitation of the former park which is not possible now because it is private property, this is not a bad alternative.

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